Cheapest Shared Room on Japan’s Newest Overnight Ferry 🛏🛳 12 hour trip from Osaka | Travel Video

The Ferry Sunflower Kurenai is Japan’s newest sleeper ferry. It’s the first ferry in Japan fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG). The word “Kurenai” means “red” and is derived from the name of a ship, “Kurenai-maru,” which its predecessor company operated on the same route.
You can enjoy a large public bath with a view, projection mapping show, a buffet restaurant, etc.
When visiting the famous hot springs in Beppu, you should definitely take this ferry!

Price … 🇯🇵 ¥12,150 JPY / 🇺🇸 $92.40 USD
🇪🇺€88 / 🇬🇧£75 / 🇨🇦C$120 / 🇮🇳₹7,300
Name … Ferry Sunflower Kurenai (Type: Private Bed)
Route … From Osaka to Beppu
Travel Time … 12 hours (425 km / 264 mi)
How to Book … Reservation by phone or online
Official Website …

☆★☆This is what it was actually like!☆★☆
【Ferry Sunflower Kurenai】
* A gong rang throughout the ship 15 minutes before departure.
* Even the cheapest room was clean and comfortable enough.
* Free Wi-Fi was available.
* The buffet restaurant had a huge selection of food.
* I could have the large public bath all to myself during the projection mapping show.
* I recommend you board this ferry during the summer month.
* Online booking is recommended for web discounts.

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Source: RANK1[ランク1], 有名な日本のフェリー32選!人気ランキング,

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0:00 Departure from Osaka Station 大阪駅からさんふらわあフェリーターミナルに向けて出発
1:04 Boarding the Ferry Sunflower Kurenai さんふらわあくれないに乗船・最安の相部屋「プライベートベッド」のルームツアー
3:37 Buffet restaurant ビュッフェレストラン
9:52 Large public bath with a view 展望大浴場・船内の様子
14:18 Arrival at Beppu Ferry Terminal 大分県別府観光港フェリーターミナルに到着

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