China’s FIRST CLASS High Speed Train 😆 Most Expensive Seat 🛏 Travel Alone Experience

Today I tried the most expensive First Class seat, a Business Class seat. In China business class is the equivalent of First class in the west. I travelled from Chengdu Station to Panzhou Station. It’s a luxurious unique and clean reserved seat that can extend into a bed, which is very comfortable for sleeping.

☆How to get to this place☆

🏆 Best Train Journeys in China TOP10 🏆
No.1 🥇 Shanghai-Beijing: the Newest Fuxing Train Experience
No.2 🥈 Beijing-Xian: Ancient Capitals Exploration
No.3 🥉 Xian-Chengdu: Encounter with Pandas & Terracotta Warriors
No.4 🏅 Shanghai-Hangzhou: Elegant Southern China Style
No.5 🏅 Hong Kong-Guilin:Train Journey of Karst Mountains
No.6 🏅 Hangzhou-Huangshan: World Heritage Line
No.7 🏅 Chengdu to Chongqing – Pandas Close-up & Yangtze Cruise
No.8 🏅 Luoyang-Xian: Ancient Capitals Exploration
No.9 🏅 Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link
No.10🏅 Beijing-Harbin: the Train of Snow and Ice
Source: China Discovery

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy this Travel alone experience!

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0:00 Riding on China’s High speed Bullet train, First Class seat
1:14 Most expensive seat. First class seat
2:52 A look at the bullet train
4:37 Let’s walk down the car
6:39 Is this a sleeper train?
8:26 Arriving soon

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