While many Australian hardcore bands dream of touring America and Europe, some of the most exciting and underrated scenes stand right on our doorstep in South-East Asia. Join SPEED as they embark on their first tour across four countries in the region, making new friends and meeting some incredible bands along the way. SPEED kick the tour off with the almighty Whispers in Thailand, before getting a quick lesson on the history of hardcore in Singapore. Jem & Aaron connect with their roots in Malaysia, and the tour concludes with a chaotic carpark show in Indonesia. Importantly, the band also eats some cheesy naan bread. Ultimately, we learn that despite any language barriers and cultural differences, hardcore in the region is truly alive and spin-kicking.

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Darryl Carulli
Music by SPEED, Gere Fuss (Paradise Club)
Additional Footage by Anthipat Nenyod
Additional Translations (TH) by Anthipat Nenyod
Animation by Pablo Barnes
Special Thanks to Daniel Chan, Darryl Michael Seah
Video Blurb written by 24 Karat Kev
Thumbnail Photo by Pinit Thupthai

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