Street Food in Japan – Tour of Ameya-Yokocho Market | Budget Japanese Food and Spicy Kebab!

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Ameya-Yokochō Market is a great Japanese street food haven in Tokyo!
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There aren’t too many open air street flea markets in Tokyo anymore, but Ameya-Yokochō located in Ueno district, is one of the few remaining. It’s a market where you’ll find everything and anything – from a fresh wet market to shoes and cosmetics, all open air, and under the Ueno railroad tracks. It also happens to be a great place to sample some budget Japanese street food in Tokyo.

Here’s what I ate on this tour of Ameya-Yokochō Market:

Chirashi don – sashimi rice bowl, quality is not the best, but it is quite budget
Total price – 1,750 JPY ($15.92) for 2

Oyama Meat Pie – this is a little gem, it’s like a little deep fried meat patty – so greasy and so good.
Price – 200 JPY ($1.82)

Izakaya Hamachan – Throughout the market you’ll find plenty of little izakaya’s, Japanese pubs, where you can grab a drink and some food. They are great places to hang out when you’re exploring the food at the market.
Total price – 2,743 JPY ($24.96)

Taiyaki and ice cream – These are two of the most popular Japanese street food sweet snacks. The taiyaki wasn’t the best I’ve had, but the ice cream was quite nice.
Price – 450 JPY ($4.09)

Jumbo Kebab – Believe it or not, doner kebabs are actually one of the most popular street foods to eat at Ameya-Yokochō Market, and I saw mostly Japanese people eating doner kebabs. I ordered the super spicy hot sauce with my doner, and it was just the perfect spicy ending to this street food tour!
Price – 500 JPY ($4.55)

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