16 ESSENTIAL Japan Tips for First-Time Travelers

Japan is one of the most AMAZING places to visit in the WORLD! But many people are nervous to visit the land of the rising sun due to the language barrier, complex train systems, culture shock or just not knowing where to start. In this video ill show you my personal 16 Tips (and 2 bonus ones) for traveling in Japan like a pro, for first time travelers to Japan, and there might even be some that are useful for experienced travelers as well. Its Time to travel to JAPAN!

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00:00 There is Something for EVERYONE in Japan!
00:40 16 Tips for First Time Japan Travelers
00:55 Luggage Delivery Services
01:39 Internet, Mobile Data & Wifi
02:26 Using your JR Rail Pass
03:04 How to Get to Tokyo from Haneda or Narita Airport
04:46 Get an IC Card (even if you have a rail pass)
05:30 Carry your Passport, for savings & the Law
06:15 Riding the Shinkansen, Rules & Tips
07:04 Bonus Tip 1
07:27 Check when Sakura Cherry Blossoms Bloom
08:15 Tipping Culture in Japan
08:50 Getting Money in Japan
09:26 Wear the Right Shoes
10:08 How to Book Cheaper Hotels
11:16 Get to Know the Conbini
12:06 Bonus Tip 2
12:19 Don’t be afraid of Japanese Toilets
13:04 Use the Coin Lockers
13:52 Check the LAST TRAIN!

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