What you need to know for Going to Japan in 2023

Here’s what you need to know if you’re going to Japan in 2023! Updates, what’s changed since before 2020 and new things to do in Tokyo and beyond.

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A round-up of the current entry requirements for Japan, including Visit Japan Web, and other things that are different since you last went. Including changes to the Japan Rail Pass, luggage on the bullet train and whether you still need cash in Japan. Plus the highlights from my Japan News series – the most popular new attractions that have opened recently in Japan, including how to get a pass for Super Nintendo World, how to get tickets for the new Studio Ghibli Park near Nagoya and new attractions in Tokyo.

00:00 Intro
00:47 Entry requirements
01:42 Visit Japan Web
02:31 JR Pass updates
04:23 Automatic ticket gates
05:07 Luggage on the shinkansen
06:02 Hyperdia
06:57 Cash vs cards
07:17 Face masks
08:21 Cherry blossoms
09:43 Studio Ghibli Park
10:35 Super Nintendo World
11:17 Teamlab Borderless
12:20 Largest anime store
12:54 Largest sushi bar
13:16 Olympic Stadium tour
13:30 Small Worlds Tokyo

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