UPDATED Singapore Travel Requirements 2023 | Philippine Immigration Tips 2023

Do you have a flight o Singapore? Are you departing from Philippines? this updated travel guide will help you know the latest travel requirements in Singapore (January 2023 footage) or entry/update requirements, And also some tips and questions on how to answer PH Immigration 2023. Iwasan po nateng maoff-load para hindi masayang ang flight namen, watch the video till the end

UPDATES: Feb 2023 No more mask in public transpo and vaccination requirements

Singapore travel requirements as of November 2022
– Singapore Arrival Card https://youtu.be/AZwMSaA8y5M
– Vaccination Card/Cert or Upload your Vaccine QR Code here https://youtu.be/3_OFl7xNGVc
– Not fully vaccinated or unvaccinated, you need a travel insurance + PCR ART Test 2 days before your arrival
– Passport and Flight Ticket with return date
– Invitation Letter (optional) https://youtu.be/NVLw96YlKjA
– For OFW, OEC and work Visa, Paano kumuha ng OEC https://youtu.be/lhfQUpK2NrI
– Want to know if your vaccination is fit for travelling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15h9qR1z1ok

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