25 Expert Alaska Cruise Tips and Tricks | Alaska Cruise Hacks

If you have an Alaska cruise this year, our Alaska cruise tips and tricks will ensure your trip is smooth sailing! Our 25 tips for Alaska cruises are based on our several trips Way Up North! These tips will help with your Alaska cruise planning.

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0:00 Introduction
1:10 Book Your Cruise Early
1:50 Budget Appropriately for Your Cruise
3:00 Picking the Best Time to Cruise to Alaska
4:00 Cruise During Shoulder Seasons
4:18 Seeing the Northern Lights
4:48 Picking the Right Cruise Line
6:00 Compare Cruise Ships
6:45 Selecting a Cruise Itinerary
8:24 Consider a Cruise Tour
9:00 Use a Travel Advisor
9:40 Upgrade to a Balcony
10:55 Pack a Passport
11:32 Arrive to Embarkation Port Early
12:20 Budget Extra for Shore Excursions
13:15 Book Tours Early
14:24 Purchase Packages Pre-Cruise
15:23 Pack Layers
15:50 Bring a Packable Raincoat
16:20 Pack a Bathing Suit
16:40 Bring a Camera and Binoculars
17:35 Attend Talks and Enrichment
18:25 Skip the WiFi Package
19:08 Taste Some Local Cuisine
19:50 Get Some Rest
20:26 Learn Basic Nautical Terms

We are back with our list of expert tips for an Alaska cruise in 2023. These 25 Alaska cruise hacks will ensure your trip way up north will be truly unforgettable. We have several Alaska cruise tips and hacks for first time cruisers. But, even if you have take a cruise, a cruise to Alaska is completely different.

When taking an Alaska cruise, make sure to budget accordingly. Among our tips for Alaska cruises is to make sure you set aside more money for the cruise fare, shore excursions, and related travel. To make your Alaska cruise planning easy, you should arrive a day early to the departure point as well. For many, getting to the homeport will take some extend travel. Thus, you will want to make sure you have extra time if there are any flight delays.

Before your Alaska cruise, you will want to do research to ensure you pick the right ship and cruise line. Luckily, there are a variety of cruise ships in the region for all types of cruisers.

Among our Alaska cruise hacks is to find a ship with plenty of viewing areas, including observation decks and lounges. Also, another Alaska cruise tip is to ensure your cruise ship has an indoor pool.

When Alaska cruise planning, we suggest you consider cruising during the shoulder seasons. These are the first and last month of the cruise season in Alaska. This will help save money. Although, we do think it is worth upgrading to a balcony, especially for an Alaska cruise.

While there is no one perfect itinerary, our Alaska cruise tip is to pick a roundtrip cruise from Seattle, WA if this is your first visit to the Last Frontier. Plus, try to find an itinerary that visits Glacier Bay National Park as the views are amazing!

We have several Alaska cruise packing tips as well. Most important of these Alaska cruise tips is to bring plenty of layers. Don’t be surprised if you find temperature swings of 30 or 40 degrees in one day. Plus, it will rain in Alaska. So, have a lightweight, packable raincoat. You should also have a water resistant day pack so you can bring those extra clothes with you when going ashore.

Additionally, you shouldn’t forget your bathing suit either as there will be chances to use the hot tubs, pools, and ship’s thermal suite.

Another Alaska cruise hack is to attend the ship’s lectures and enrichment sessions, these are some of the highlights of the trip.

Finally, you should consider passing on the ship’s WiFi, but we do recommend splurging on some of the local cuisine. When else will you get to eat Alaskan King Crab?


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