I Spent 2 WEEKS In Europe… | TRAVEL VLOG | France, Germany, Austria, and Italy!

Hi friends!! This video is such a fun one. In April I spent 2 weeks in Europe for the first time! I went to Paris, Munich, Vienna, and multiple cities in Italy like Venice and Rome. This trip was incredible and I’m so excited to share parts of it with you guys! Have you ever been to any of these places?

Thanks for watching!!

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Hi friend! My name is Madeline and I’m a 26 year old who is passionate about intentionally creating a life I love living. I make videos about productivity, habits, wellness, health, and I vlog myself figuring out my way through life. Making these videos helps me to appreciate the simple moments in life, and I hope they inspire you to do the same!

Music in this video:
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Music by Club Yokai – Wisteria – https://thmatc.co/?l=90CFD7DB

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