Dholera smart city India ( The next Shanghai China ) Tour & All updates

#Dholera Special #Investment Region is a greenfield industrial smart city planned and located approximately 100 km southwest of Ahmedabad. It is envisioned as India’s most attractive location for #manufacturing and industrial development. The Government of Gujarat has created a legislative framework for the formation of a Special Investment Region (SIR) under the Act 2009, for which a regional development authority, DSIR has been established.
The Dholera Special Investment Region Development Authority (DSIRDA) is in charge of planning and development of DSIR and will encompass the function of administering government land within DSIR. A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) named Dholera Industrial City Development Limited (DICDL) has been created between the Central Government (NICDC Trust) and the State Government (DSIRDA) of Gujarat to implement the project.
Dholera is envisaged to be an incubator city, spanning approximately 920 sq. km., encompassing 22 villages of the Dholera taluka in the district of Ahmedabad. Its strategic location between the industrial cities of Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot, and Bhavnagar will facilitate Ease of Doing Business. Dholera Industrial City will have a self-sustaining ecosystem consisting of economic drivers through industrialisation, utility and logistic infrastructure, and social infrastructure including education, healthcare, and other public amenities.

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