New York Times Square in Changsha, The Ultimate Night Walking Tour | Hunan, China | 4K HDR

Is this Times Square in New York?
No, this is Times Square in Changsha!

At 5 PM, the air temperature in Changsha began to drop.

The summer heat will disappear, and the night will quietly appear, and the wonderful things belonging to Wuyi Square are just about to begin.

This place, dubbed “New York Times Square in Changsha”, can be said to be a must-see for tourists who come to Changsha.

As we all know, Changsha Wuyi Square is also known as the New York District of Changsha City.

Times Square in New York is no different from Changsha Wuyi Square.

Changsha people also live in American time, and the more the night, the happier they are.

There are endless cool delicacies, endless night snack stalls, and endless bars… that’s a charm!

Changsha is very, very hot recently!

On the one hand, there are high temperature warnings again and again, and the scorching sun is like fire.

On the other hand, it is the crowd that engulfs the scenic spots, and the enthusiasm is like fire.

As soon as the summer vacation started, Changsha was already full of people. Some people even said that half of the people in the country came to Changsha!

As long as you go out, you will find that everyone is everywhere… There are queues everywhere, Changsha Possibly even hotter than you think!

Changsha in summer is really a travel destination that cannot be missed. No kidding, the popularity of Changsha during the summer vacation is definitely the first in the country.

Although there is still a certain gap between Changsha and New York in terms of economic size, one of her jokes may soon come true.

Changsha is young, fashionable, and tolerant.

Hunan people are humorous, enthusiastic, and generous.

The future of Hunan will become more and more international, with infinite possibilities.

The joy of Changsha City can be experienced in 24 hours.

From the early morning to Yuelu Mountain to watch the sunrise, then go down the mountain to drink a bowl of noodles, wake up the taste buds, and start the day.

Nightfall is the climax of Changsha City. There is no scorching sun, and no heat waves can be seen on the road.

What measures the height of a city?

Economy, culture, talent, system…

Of course, including towering skyscrapers

A wider view than the sky

Only the ambition of people to keep building miracles

such as Changsha

The beautiful Xiangjiang River creates two sides of the river

Unique landscape city environment

Heaven has reserved infinite imagination for Changsha’s skyline


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