MSC Seascape Full Ship Tour, 2023 Review & BEST Spots of NEWEST MSC Cruise Ship!

All aboard the MSC Seascape, in this full cruise ship tour we take you through what the newest MSC cruise ship looks like in 2023! We set sail from Miami to the Caribbean on a 7-day cruise! We show you all the venues throughout the ship including specialty dining, the main dining room, the casino, buffet, and other food venues! This MSC Seascape ship tour review was created to help you get the best idea and preparation of what you can expect from this ship for an upcoming cruise! #mscseascape #msccruises #newhorizonsatsea

0:00 Start
1:30 Pirates Cove Aqua Park
2:05 Sports Square
2:30 Robotron
3:29 Exclusive Area Top 19
5:15 The Best Poon on the Ship Jungle Pool
5:40 Doremiland Kids & Teen Club
9:40 Formula 1 Racing, Arcade- Hall of Games
11:45 Smoking Area of Main Deck
13:15 Where the ship comes to life
13:45 Best Aft Views from the ship- Bridge of Sighs
14:36 Marketplace Buffet
16:49 Jungle Beach Bar & Pool
17:00 How the elevators work!
18:18 Fitness Center
19:03 Thermal Spa
21:31 Nail & Hair Salon
21:52 Perfectly Themed Sports Bar
23:10 Hola Tacos & Cantina
24:00 Atrium Views
24:33 Voyages Club
24: 40 Shopping Area
25:10 Specialty Dining Restaurants
30:00 Adult Only Infinity Pool & Area
32:00 Le Cabaret Rouge
33:20 Aurea Guests eat here! Skyline Restaurant
35:15 Aegan Restaurant
35:55 Champagne & Wine Bar
37:50 Casino
39:20 Theater
40:50 Fine Shopping
41:17 Venchi Chocolate Shop
42:42 Duty Free Shopping
44:15 Do This before you get off the ship!
45:00 Cala Jonda Restaurant
48:00 Guest Services
49:00 Say Cheese
49:37 Photo & Digital Hub

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