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The snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes and impeccable natural beauty. Sigh! If there is one European place every Bollywood buff in India wishes to visit, Switzerland would be it! With many Indian films being shot in this European paradise, I just had to visit this place to satiate the filmy girl in me. Read more about my experience: https://bit.ly/2U03zYP

While I had been longing to visit this places for years, it only worked out a week before my actual departure. My unapproved leaves got approved, I got a cheap airfare alert and I also had a valid Schengen visa. It was literally the case of – The Mountains Are Calling.

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But hold on! I was yet to figure an itinerary and bookings to enjoy all the excursions & experiences Switzerland has to offer. Last minute bookings can be quite a task. Imagine going through multiple online websites or agents to co-ordinate, research & book. But here’s what helped!

From deciding on what places to visit to experiences to opt for and even my airport transfers, I could book all of this on one app – Klook even before reaching my destination. No middleman or agent, all paperless & hassle-free with a QR codes easily accessible on my phone! Here are some of the must do experiences.
Also watch my 4-day itinerary from Paris – https://youtu.be/9ET48vCw3Hg

Curly Tales, Chief Travelling Officer Kamiya Jani visits Switzerland! Watch her 5-day itinerary and click here to check amazing offers on Europe – http://bit.ly/tiptapgowithCT
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