Asakusa End of Year 2022 Walking Tour – Tokyo Japan [4K/HDR/Binaural]

Walk Route:
Date & Time: 12/25/2022 14:35pm

0:00 Opening Title
0:39 Asakusa Kaminarimon Gate
1:38 Nakamise Shopping Street
13:00 Sensoji Temple
17:45 Asakusa Nishisando Shopping Street
21:34 Rokku Broadway Shopping Street
23:19 Okuyama Omairimichi Shopping Street
26:50 Hoppi Street
29:25 Denboin Street
33:00 Tokyo Sky Tree
34:51 Kannon-dori Street
37:23 Shin Nakamise Shopping Street
39:17 Back of Nakamise Shopping Street
42:56 Kannon-dori Street
44:28 Shin Nakamise Shopping Street
45:06 Asakusa Underground Shopping Street
47:18 Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station
48:07 Tobu Asakusa Station
50:48 Tokyo Sky Tree and Headquarter of Asahi Beer

Trivia: When I started this channel in March 2020, I felt that I started at the worst timing. Because streets were empty, supposedly busy towns were like ghost towns. But now that everything is going back to normal, I think my past videos can serve as history documental videos, which I was not expecting back then but after everything’s done, I think I was lucky to have been able to film everything during the difficult times.


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