Last time we were here it was a lockdown… We’re Back Malaysia! 🇲🇾 | Malaysia Vlog 2022

We’re finally back in Malaysia after two and a half years – we waited for this day for so so so long. Having been unable to return for so long, we’re super glad we’ve been able to make it back.

We travelled three days to arrive, across four different countries and three different flights, despite the snow nearly cancelling our flights we made it back to Malaysia.

In fact, we bumped into someone on the final flight to KL who said ‘hey I know you two, where do I recognise you from?’, he was a Malaysian man called Rafi, at that point we knew we were on the right flight.

When we got stuck in Malaysia during 2020 aside from featuring in the Rakyat, Vice and more we made some of our favourite memories, countless friends since then.

We’ve not forgotten it and Malaysia has left a special place in our hearts, in fact we’ve spent the last two years trying to recreate Malaysia. From Roti Canai across the globe to playing hits from the likes of Dato Surdirman through to trying to connect with some Malaysian ancestry in travels across countries like Indonesia – we’ve done it all, but we’re finally back.

On a side note, we still want to borrow your health minister (not the warm water drinking one, Dr Noor Hisham please! Makasih lah!).

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Hope to catch up with you soon

Pat & Giulia

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We are Pat & Giulia, a couple from 🇬🇧 and 🇮🇹 living in London.
We decided to go on a travelling adventure and ended up living getting stuck in Malaysia during 2020 which spurred the creation of this channel, we’re now back on the road after a lengthy hiatus!

We enjoy discovering spots off the tourist trail and don’t like taking ourselves too seriously.

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Pat & Giulia

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