First Class Travel on Japan’s Fastest Bullet Train “Gran Class” | Hayabusa – Komachi Tokyo Japan

GranClass is a special train car called “First Class of Shinkansen”. There are 18 seats in the first car.
Upon boarding, a Gran Class attendant will give you a welcome set that includes water, snacks, and a hand towel.
A dedicated Gran Class Attendant will provide refreshments (light meals) and beverages to help make your train journey more comfortable.

00:00 Opening
00:46 No Video Shooting! Sneak into the Grand Class Lounge!
01:49 Entering the Shinkansen Hayabusa Komachi
02:49 Cleaning the world-class Shinkansen in Japan
03:45 Boarding the Grand Class
05:31 Introduction of the Grand Class Welcome Set
06:53 Introduction to Grand Class Seat Features
08:56 Introduction of Grand Class snacks (sparkling wine and Japanese food)
11:51 Experience the Shinkansen from the outside
12:22 Introduction of purchasing a Grand Class original glass Pound cake
14:52 Introduction of barrier-free toilets and washbasins inside the Shinkansen

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abroad in japan

In this channel, I am traveling alone in Japan!
I will introduce interesting things that have developed uniquely in Japan such as ferries, trains, bullet trains, capsule hotels, etc.


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