Tokyo Shibuya Blue Cave Christmas Light Walking Tour – Tokyo Japan [4K/HDR/Binaural]

Walk Route:
Date & Time: 12/08/2022 20:20pm

0:00 Opening Title
0:31 Blue Cave at Yoyogi Park
6:44 Koen-dori St
10:24 Shibuya PARCO
12:58 Shibuya MODI
16:05 Christmas Tree on building in construction
16:36 Shibuya Crossing

Trivia: I’m glad that Shibuya Blue Cave has finally come back! If you like this video, I really recommend visiting and seeing it for yourself. I’m satisfied with the iPhone’s video quality but Shibuya Blue Cave is 10 times more beautiful when you see it through your own naked eyes than through the camera lens. It’s absolutely stunning!


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