Our First Day in Europe! LONDON HOTEL TOUR

Mommy Oh and I just got back from an eventful 14-day Europe trip and can’t wait to share all the videos with you! Think of this video as an introduction to the upcoming travel vlogs to come 🙂

During our first day in London, we give you a hotel tour and explore a bit of the neighborhood. We also share the transportation process because, after all, it’s a big part of the travel experience. From flying to riding trains, we enjoy passing scenery. We get lucky and even see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) on the plane! All this and more in this video ❤️

0:00 Intro & Previews
0:23 Flying from Seattle to London
0:35 Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) on the plane!
1:09 The eSim I’m using for this trip
1:17 Transportation from Airport to Hotel
2:15 The hotel we stay for three nights
2:47 Brunch: Our first meal in London
4:10 The Hotel Room Tour!
8:25 Dinner Time!
8:47 More about our trip & videos to come
9:45 Oops… overslept lol
10:23 Outtakes & Bonus Footage
12:37 DANCE PARTY!!!

Note: This video was filmed in November 2022.

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