China Tour

China Tour

6 October – 5 November 2016
We started our #China Tour in #Beijing. In Beijing we visited the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven. After hiking the Great Wall of China we visited the Terra Cotta Army in Xi’an. The next highlight was the Labrang Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Xiahe. We were surprised by the fresh snow on our way to Langmusi. The monastery and the gorge were both well worth to visit. The road to Songpan through the Grasslands was wonderful. Near Songpan we visited Huanglong National Park with all kinds of small lakes in amazing colors. Off course we did not forget to visit the Giant Pandas in the Chengdu Pandas Reserve. In Shangri-la it was time for action again. We first get the Giant Prayer Wheel in motion and made a nice tour on a bike in the afternoon. More action was required in the two days trekking through the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Near Lijiang we climbed the 5596m high Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Unfortunately we had to stop at an altitude of 4567m. In Dali we faced bad weather. We hardly could see the three famous Pagodas. In Yangshou we rafted, biked and hiked to enjoy of the beautiful Karst Landscape. At last Shanghai showed us how modern China is as well. The Shanghai Tower is with 632m the second highest tower on earth. With the Maglev (the magnetic train) you travel with 430km/h to the airport.

China Tour:
Beijing – The Great Wall of China – Beijing – Xi’an – #Xiahe – #Langmusi – #Songpan – #Chengdu – #Shangri-la – Tiger Leaping Gorge – #Lijiang – #Dali – #Yangshou – #Shanghai

Distance of the China Tour ( #roundtrip):
Autobus: 2.682 km
Airplane: 2.562 km
Train: 1.782 km
Hike: 253 km
Taxi: 124 km
Bike: 120 km
Subway: 63 km
Maglev: 27 km
Gondola: 7 km
Raft: 5 km
Ferry: 3 km
Pedalo: 2 km
Total: 7.630 km

Choose Your Path by Jingle Punks
Where She Walks van Everet Almond
Sweet as Honey and Giant Leap by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
Staring At The Valley by Silent Partner
Lonesome Avenue by The 126ers
Ishikari Lore, Finding the Balance, Eastminster, Eastern Thought, Dhaka, Finding Movement and Last Kiss Goodnight
van Kevin MacLeod zijn gelicentieerd onder een Creative Commons Attribution-licentie (

The Voyage, Transcend, Walk In The Park and One Fine Day
van Audionautix zijn gelicentieerd onder een Creative Commons Attribution-licentie (

Oxygen Garden van Chris Zabriskie is gelicentieerd onder een Creative Commons Attribution-licentie (

In the same China Tour I have uploaded the individual videos as well:
City trip Beijing, China:

The Great Wall of China (The Chinese Wall):

Terracotta Army and City Wall of Xian, China:

Xiahe and the Labrang Tibetan Buddhist Monastery:

From Xiahe to Langmusi:

The Kurte Tibetan Monastery and the Langmusi gorge hike:

Himalayan yaks between Langmusi and Songpan

Huanglong near Songpan:

White yak (Songpan – Chengdu, China):

Chengdu and the Chengdu Panda Reserve:


Hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge Trek, China:

Lijiang, China:

The 3 famous Pagodas in Dali, China:

Yangshou in the Karst landscape, Guilin, China:

City trip Shanghai, China

Chinese Traffic

Chinese People

All the videos of the China Tour are together in the following playlist:

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