Real Life Fairytale! Lijiang / CHINA 中文字幕

This place is a living fairytale!

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**Filmed before Covid-19


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first song (0:01) – “Long Distance” by Luke Atencio

intro song (0:20) – “High Flyer” by Ryan Taubert

town song (0:37) – “Last You Hear From Me” by JMR

fun song (3:44) – “Holding My Breath” by Bronze Radio Return

storytelling song (5:29) – “As the Night” by Timbre

hiking song (7:42) – “No Echo” by Hoyle

tomb song (8:50) – “Golden Light” by Luke Atencio

Black Dragon song (10:00) – “Steady” by Roland Lewis

dance song (12:10 & 13:15) – “Magnetics (Instrumental)” by Benjamin James

beautiful song (14:09) – “Yggdrasil” by Thad Kopec

fairytale song (16:31) – “Ancient Path Watching the Sea” by Thad Kopec

end song (18:40) – “Blind Faith” by How Great Were the Robins


Lijiang 丽江
Yunnan Province 云南
Old Town of Lijiang 丽江古城
October Inn
Black Dragon Pool 黑龙潭

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