Riding on Japan’s First Class Overnight Train | West Express Ginga Premier

Today we will ride Japan’s First-class overnight train compartment, the West Express Ginga in its Premier room from Izumo to Kyoto.

Fee: 30,000-40,000JPY/250-300USD per person
Route: Izumo – Kyoto.
Train: West Express Ginga
Type: Premier Private Compartment.
Experience: Clap

0:00 Introduction
0:56 Schedule and Route.
1:30 Train arrives
1:58 Today’s Room
3:47 Room Tour
6:55 Train Tour
9:43 Dinner
12:24 Real Dinner
13:20 Event 2
14:56 Midnight Snack.
16:10 Morning.
17:10 Thanks for watching!

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