Osaka Nightlife: RLD in Japan (Osaka Backstreet Tour)

Backstreet Osaka Tour offers the most unique and mysterious tour of Osaka with a food adventure including yakitori, takoyaki and Japanese oden but also eating tarantulas, snakes and mealworms above all the tour makes stops at Japan’s most dangerous district: Nishinari and Tobita Shinchi, the mysterious RLD in Japan run by the Yakuza. Subscribe to my channel โ–บ for new videos!

The Backstreet Osaka Tour kicks off at the Imamiya Ebisu Shrine where you’ll learn why 1 million Japanese come here on January 9th, 10th and 11th to bring gifts with costs ranging from 10 bucks to thousands of US dollars. Eventually the tour moves through Shinsekai and Nishinari where you get a healthy dose of reality of living in the Osaka ghettos. The good, the bad and everything else in between!

The Backstreet Osaka Tour ends at one of the most fun Izakayas in Osaka: Hachifukujin where you will feast on ome-rice, yakisoba and gyoza alongside a few cold brewskis.

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Eating a tarantula must have been my most memorable experience on this tour, never have I ever been this afraid to eat something, not even my Korean Octopus Adventure comes close. It tasted like burned shrimp but even more tasteless, the best thing this street vendor had to offer were grilled snake and mealworms but make sure to chase it with a cold tasty beer.

Besides eating tarantulas, we could choose lots of other bizarre items ranging from frogs, cockroaches and scorpions to entire geckos. Shinsekai is a must-see district in Osaka, if not for its for food, definitely for its unique atmosphere and beautiful store decorations.

The most mysterious place on this tour is Osaka’s red light district known as Tobita Shinchi where you can witness beautiful Japanese girls trying to lure Japanese businessmen into their little shop. The district consists out of 3 major streets, first street houses girls in their 20’s, second street women in their 30’s and third street 40’s and up. Another interesting area the tour visits is Kamagasaki where the homeless population of Osaka hangs out. It is quite eye-opening to see the state of housing in these ghettos, a site usual tourists will never see of Japan. This entire district goes by the name: Nishinari, primarily run by the Yakuza, Japan’s maffia organization.

To get to Osaka from Tokyo, I highly recommend you purchase the Unlimited Japan Rail Pass which let’s you travel Japan for either 7, 14 or 21 days on the Shinkansen bullet trains which run at 320 km/hr.

While you are in Osaka make sure to also checkout the famous Dotonbori district and all its other attractions, for that watch my complete 30 Secrets & Things To Do in Osaka video.

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If you make new friends in Osaka, you will eventually be asked to be added to LINE. LINE is ‘the’ chat app in Japan, so if you do not have DATA on your phone during your stay, make sure to rent a dirt cheap pocket Wifi station at the airport. You can take these pocket Wifi stations all over Japan and allow you to connect many of your devices like your laptop, tablet and phone. It even fits in your back pocket. Luckily, I have a 50% discount on Wiho pocket Wifi stations on Voyagin. I personally rent this device everytime I visit Japan.

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