【4K HDR】Night Walk in Tokyo Shibuya (東京散歩)

Checking out all the latest sights around Shibuya on a Friday night.

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What I originally thought would only take an hour ended up being close to a 2 hour walk. Shibuya is growing like crazy, and I still can’t believe how many new buildings have come up in the past year!

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00:00 Intro
00:50 Shibuya Stream
16:54 Hikarie
22:30 Miyashita Park
40:35 Shibuya Crossing
47:35 Center-gai
57:21 Shibuya Parco
01:03:11 Abema TV
01:10:05 Dogenzaka
01:22:00 Chuo-gai / Tokyu Plaza
01:34:01 Sakurazaka
01:40:58 Holograms at Tokyo Plaza
01:44:29 Back to Shibuya Crossing

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