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An all in guide about the Must Sees in japan, covering the highlights in each city, this is what we believe will be the ideal way to travel Japan.

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Japan is one of the top travel destinations amongst most people and that’s not surprising as Japan’s sheer number of activities from its attractions to scenic views to its food is almost unmatched. Follow us as we travel through our favourite cities of Tokyo, Fuji, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka!


TOKYO – 1:26

1:40 – Capsule Hotel
An affordable and unique accomadation would be the capsule hotel experience. You get a little cube, all to yourself and honestly that’s all you really need because you’re not spending your time at the hotel, you’re out there exploring. 

1:56 – Sensoji Temple
Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple. It is massive and flanked by huge lanterns, beautiful ceiling paintings, statues of deities. Cleanse at the small stone fountain, and get your fortune reading at the shrine. You can even dress up in a Kimono and take some pictures there.

2:17 – Rickshaw Ride Around the city
A different view of the city of Tokyo, the rickshaw rides are an easily and comfortable way to take in the gorgeous sights around you.

2:24 – Shibuya Crossing
A MUST SEE destination, you can’t miss out on Shibuya crossing, the busiest crosswalk in the world.

2:38 – Robot Restaurant
A one of a kind dining experience that features some pretty out of this world performances filled with robots, dinosaurs, lasers and loud music. 

2:59 – Kagaya Bar
An experience that you need to experience yourself, words just don’t do justice to this place.

3:21 – Kurand Sake Market
Enjoy the night and get spoilt for choice with over 100 different times of Japanese rice wine, they even have more unique flavours like mango, yogurt and milk.

3:40 – Akihabara
An electric town famous for Anime, Manga and Cosplay.

3:51 – Don Quijote
The BEST place for souvenir shopping here in Tokyo!

4:03 – Mount Fuji
Take a day hike up to the peak of Mount Fuji and get your walking sticks Stamped each time you pass a rest point on your way up.

4:24 – Lake Kawaguchiko
An Alternative location for you to get a perfect view of Mount Fuji for those not intending to hike up to its peak.

4:37 – Fuji Q
Houses the World’s Steepest Roller Coaster with a drop of 121 degrees.

4:49 – Shinkansen
A Bullet Train that helps you get from city to city in Japan.

KYOTO – 4:48

5:42 – Fushimi Inari Shrine
One of its most notable landmarks in the Fushimi Inari Shrine, famous for its thousands of Tori gates, each of them donated for gratitude or hope for good luck.

5:53 – Arashiyama
The beautiful and serene Bamboo grove that has become one of Kyoto’s Famous Tourist spots.

6:03 – Nishiki Market
A market with over a hundred of small little food shops that offer you a taste some delicious local food.

6:15 – Kiyomizu – Dera

6:17 – Tenryu-Ji Temple

6:19 – Gion District

NARA – 6:26

6:29 – Nara Park
The main attraction of Nara, take a walk around the park filled with deers.

OSAKA – 6:41

6:48 – Dotonbori
A foodie’s dream, a location filled with mouthwatering dishes that will not leave you feeling hungry.

7:17 – Fukutaro Okonomiyaki

7:20 – Beef Cutlet Takeru

7:22 – Hanumaruken Ramen

7:31 – Osaka Castle

7:34 – Universal Studios Japan

7:42 – Osaka Aquarium

7:43 – Momofuku Ramen Museum

7:46 – Shinsaibashu

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